For Remote Learners

Prior to Kiddomatic's 3-day virtual film festival, a limited collection of films will be paired with lessons for grades K-12+.

Accessible content through the Kiddomatic virtual channel, available ANYTIME. November 1 - 12.


Kiddomatic Education Opportunities
November 1-12

Kiddomatic remote curriculum is being developed by The Roxy Film Academy and supported by SPARK and Arts Missoula.

The Kiddomatic Education collection will entail streaming access to the film collection, learning videos providing instruction in filmmaking, classroom activities, critical thinking exercises with discussion guides that focus on filmmaking craft for every age level.

All MSPS Kindergarten students will participate in a virtual Kiddomatic arts enhancement workshop series.
There are several opt-in workshops for Grades 1-12+.

Please contact Laura at to participate and receive login instructions and teaching guides.

Theme: Seasons, Animals, and Color
Lesson: Students will identify seasons and animals viewed in selected films and discuss color emotion in the filmmaking process.
Films: Le Renard et l'Oiselle (The Fox & the Bird), Little Grey Wolfy Sommerfest, Little Grey Wolfy Fall Travels,  Heart of Winter, and If You Want to Get Married... You Have to Learn How to Build an Igloo!

Grades 1-2
Theme: Cinematic Color Theory
Lesson: Students will create their very own cinematic color pallette by identifying primary colors, basic mixing techniques to create secondary colors, and discuss how color plays a party in each story.
Films: Le Renard et l'Oiselle (The Fox & the Bird), The Snail and the Whale, The Visit, Voyagers

Grades 3-5
Theme: Identifying Sound in Storytelling
Lesson: Students will learn the differences between diegetic and non-diegetic sounds in the post-production filmmaking process and create their own layered sound sequence with tangible objects and/ or technology.
Films: Big Drive, Heatwave, Mr. Hublot, Workout, Voyager

Grades 6-8
Theme: Portraits and Character Development
Lesson: Students will interview and record a classmate or family member using a cellphone or pen & paper. By sharing their stories, students will learn the basics of a documentary interview.
Films: Biidaaban: The Dawn Comes, Binti, Crisanto Street, Kamali, Sweet Salty Wind, Water Flows Together

Grades 9-12
Theme: Three Act Structure in Film
Lesson: By examining various Non-fiction, Fiction Film storytelling techniques within both feature-length & short films students will explore storytelling. Group discussion guides will illuminate the structure and beats of selected films and how they compare and contrast to the classic three-act narrative.
Films: Biidaaban: The Dawn Comes, Boys State, Flawed, Une Colonie


Email Laura at with questions or to sign up.

Kiddomatic Learning Videos will follow each of the selected films found on the Kiddomatic virtual channel. Learning videos will be 3-4 minutes long, Roxy Film Academy staff will pose questions, discuss themes in the selection of films and layout activities. Lessons are an estimated hour-long exploration with possibilities for expansion. Teachers may assign one or all of the films - films may be viewed during class or outside of the classroom. Most activities can be done at home or in the classroom to be flexible for all learning scenarios. We encourage you to add to these discussions or to tie in any related classroom curriculum using the films.


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