The Sound of Color

AGE: 8+

Hosted at the University of Montana’s Journalism School Media Lab, Big Sky Film Institute partnered with MAPS Media Institute to put cameras in the hands of students as they created a portrait on experience artist Stephanie Whitney and her artistic process as she tracks brainwaves of skateboarders to create generative art. Students traveled from Harlem, Kalispell, Whitefish, Ronan, Polson, Pablo, St. Ignatius, and Missoula County to participate in the two-day filmmaking intensive to share their experiences and interest in the documentary field.

DIRECTORS: AudriAnna O’Connor, Clint Brown, Dante Jackson, Mitchrena Begay, Nellie King, Angelica Lopez, Tre Heath LaFrambois, Issabella Dupuis-Shortman, Thea Vrenta, Dante Willis, Sapphire Pilney, Alexis Bigby


Sponsored By Big Sky Film Institute