Director: Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul and Ben Tesseur

Producers: Bruno Felix, Adrienne Liron, Janneke van de Kerkhof, Femke Wolting
Featuring: Michaela DePrince.
Choreographer: Director of Dutch National Ballet Ted Brandsen
with original music from Maurizio Malagnini

Synopsis: Coppelia combines enchanting animation and live-action dance in a retelling of the love story between Swan and Franz, jeopardized by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Coppelius and his beautiful protégée Coppelia. Through Swan’s quest to uncover the truth about the charismatic doctor, the world comes to learn that, in an increasingly image-conscious culture, it’s never been more important to be yourself.
100 minutes The Netherlands
Age Recommendation: 6+

Sponsored by Mismo and On Center Performing Arts

Saturday, November 5

4:00 pm

Roxy Theater